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Diagnosing Technical Issues

All of your efforts will be in useless unless you have a suitable technical SEO structure in place. Your ranks will drop, and you'll be left wondering how it happened. That is why it is important to at least be aware of the most frequent SEO issues and what they mean.

  • Crawlability Optimization
  • Minimizing Site and URL Errors
  • Using Redirects Properly
  • Taking Care of Your XML Sitemap
  • Minimizing Duplicate Content

Technical SEO Ranking Factors

As announced by Google

Site Speed

Ideally, when your web page is open, we are aiming to be completely loaded within two seconds or less by compressing images, texts, and files.

Mobile Friendliness

Making sure that your website renders in a smooth way for mobile devices and prepare it for mobile-first indexing.


The S in HTTPS means that the page is secure, and has a certificate. We are here to help you make the whole website secure if it's not already.

Site Speed Optimization

for fast loading speed.

How fast does the content on your pages load? 

Besides as a Google ranking factor, site speed or page speed is important to the user experience as well. Pages that take a longer time to load tend to have higher bounce rates and lower average time spent on page. Consequently, these longer load times negatively affect conversions. You may also need to upgrade your web hosting If you’re you’re not getting the performance that will really allow you to get a fast loading web page.

Mobile Optimization.

For Mobile-Friendly Site

In 2015, mobile actually overtook desktop.

And currently, Google has actually announced that it will have a mobile-first index.
So if you want your website to rank, it will have to be mobile-friendly. Mobile optimization includes checking the site structure, site design, page speed again, and more in order to make sure you are not turning mobile visitors away unintentionally.

Website Architecture Analysis

Canonicalization & Indexation

User Experience Assessments


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