Privacy Policy

  1. Within this Privacy Notice
    • ‘Company’ refers to, a project under Sales.Rocks BV.
      • Stationsplein 45, 3013 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands.
    • ‘You’ or ‘Your’ refers to the website visitor/user/client.
    • ‘Personal Information’ could be any information that can make your identity known, e.g. email or IP address (an address that shows which device you are using the Internet with).
    • ‘Website’ refers to any subdomain on
  2. The Company is responsible for protecting your data under the General Data Protection Regulations. Data shared with The Company is kept safe, secure, and private.
  3. This Privacy Notice is to make sure that all the information about how the Company may use Your Personal Information for collection and processing is available to you when using our Website in order to comply with our legal obligations and protect your rights.
  4. By using the website you agree to the Privacy Notice. If you are under the age of 13 or disagree with anything within this Privacy Notice, you should not use our Website.
  5. We always try to stay current with technological advances, and law developments. As a result, the content of this Privacy Notice can change so please pay attention to our policies regarding our Website, because they are constantly being updated.

You can rest assured that all Personal Information collected or will be collected will only be processed and stored in compliance with this Privacy Notice.

Your Personal Information

  1. We collect the following information when you visit our Website:
    • country;
    • IP address;
    • browser;
    • operating system;
    • screen resolution;
    • web pages visited;
    • forms submitted;
    • click and mouse movement;
    • searches conducted;
  2. This information is used to create reports and statistics by third-party processors who collect the information. This helps us to:
    • Track Website usage and performance;
    • Sustain a user-friendly Website that is compatible with in-demand equipment and software;
    • Examine and maintain our Website security and detect inappropriate or malicious use.
  3. For a third party based outside the EU that process your Personal Information, the Company shall make sure that the third party meets the regulations with respect to the security of your Personal Data which comply with the General Data Protection Regulations, e.g. a U.S.A based third party must comply to the U.S. Privacy Shield.
  4. The Company will not use your Personal Information to make decisions based on automated processing.
  5. The Company takes a lot of security measures to make sure your data is safe, including data storage on servers that are secure, password and firewall-protected.
  6. In case of a breach of the security measures in the protection of your Personal Information, the Company will let you know as soon as possible.

In order for the Company to provide you with an ideal service, make sure to immediately let the Company know if any of your Personal Information changes.


  1. The Company may allow third parties to advertise on the Website. Tracking features may be used by third parties in order to track the number of views, clicks, and referral sources.

If you visit an advertiser’s website, make sure to read their Privacy Notice as it applies to the use of their website.


  1. To make an enquiry or ask for information on our website, you need to provide some basic contact information such as, and not limited by your name, company name (if applicable) and email.
  2. The Personal Information is used for:
    • An interest in our services or information so that the Company can answer your enquiry or provide the requested information;
    • Agreement to send commercial and promotional content including the availability of new products, services, events, special offers and discounts, newsletters and notifications, per request or permit for such content.

Providing Services

  1. If an inquiry is made and has been agreed on into a contract to provide Services, we will use your Personal Information for:
    • Management & administration of the contract;
    • Delivery of services to you;
    • Processing and storage of financial transactions;
    • Legal obligation to keep of internal records, including the books and other financial records;
    • Handling complaints, disputes, and legal actions;
    • Protection of your interest or another person.
    • Sending commercial content (including the availability of new products or services, events, special offers and discounts, newsletters, notifications), where you allow receiving such content.
    • Sending commercial content from selected partners, associates, or affiliates, only where you request or allow such content.
  2. We use third-party processors, such as computer software, to process your Personal Information.
  3. We will make sure that the country provides acceptable safety measures for the storage of your Personal Information if any of our processors are located outside of the E.U., e.g. they will need to agree to the U.S. Privacy Shield if the processor is located in the U.S.A., which allows similar provisions to the European standards and requirements. Additionally, the processor will need to provide or be subjected to appropriate obligations and guarantees by contract.

Payment Processing

  1. All payments are processed by a third-party transaction software that allows payment through invoicing and direct bank transfer for providing Services.

Sharing your Personal Information

  1. Personal Information may be distributed by the Company amongst our employees, officers, managers, agents, consultants, suppliers or subcontractors only if necessary and in the case of:
    • Dealing with an enquiry or providing requested information;
    • Considering whether to enter into a contract with you;
    • Performance of a contractual agreement between you and the Company;
    • A valid interest that is disclosed within this Privacy Notice;
    • Asked for by Law or order of a Court;
    • Prevention of fraud or other criminal activity;
    • Reasons of implementing, exercising or defending legal rights;
    • The Company being sold and is required by a purchaser;
    • Your consent, request or instruction.

Data Retention

  1. The Company will not retain your Personal Information for more than 2 years if an inquiry does not proceed into a contract or you do not ask for or allow to receive commercial content.
  2. The Company will retain some of your Personal Information for a period of 2 years after the Services were provided and the contract has come to an end, naturally or required by law if there was a contract made between you and the Company.

Your rights withdraw agreement

  1. The processing of your Personal Information is based on your agreement. By clicking a link provided in each commercial content that the Company sends, you can withdraw your agreement at any time.
  2. By receiving a notice withdrawing your agreement to process your Personal Information, the Company will stop processing the Personal Information except:
    • When the processing is necessary on legitimate grounds, which overthrows your interests, rights, and freedoms; or
    • The processing is used to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims.

If you choose to withdraw your agreement, we will inform all third parties that have been given your information that you have withdrawn your agreement.

Restrict Processing

  1. The Company will restrict your Personal Information processing in the following circumstances:
    • Where you take issue with the accuracy of the Personal Information, the Company will restrict the processing until the Personal Information can be verified as accurate;
    • Where you have opposed to the processing where it was called for, for the performance of a task of public interest or purpose of legitimate interests, and the Company is considering whether your grounds are overthrown by legitimate ones;
    • When the processing is illicit and you oppose erasure, but you ask for restriction instead;
    • If the Company no longer needs the Personal Information, but you ask for the information to remain established or defend a legal claim.
  2. The information will be kept, but there will be no further processing of your Personal Information where processing is restricted, and the Company will:
    • Notify third parties to whom your Personal Information has been shared that the Information is restricted;
    • Notify you when any restricted period comes to an end.

Access to Personal Information

  1. You have the right to ask the Company:
    • To confirm whether your Personal Information is being processed or not;
    • To grant you access to your Personal Information that the Company holds about you.
  2. The Company will provide your Personal Information within one month of your request.
  3. The Personal Information will be provided for free and through an email service, except in the case of unjustified or extravagant use of requests, e.g. if it is a repetitive request, or if the Company has to process huge amounts of data. In this case, there will be a fair administrative charge in dealing with the request, or the Company will decline the request and provide a fair reason for declining which if you are unhappy with the way your information has been used, you may wish to seek legal action or talk to the Information Commissioner’s Office.
  4. If you share any Personal Information for the performance of a contract that is saved electronically, it will be in a format that can be easily transferred and the Company will provide this information to the user when they request it.
  5. The Company takes the protection of your Personal Information very seriously, hence why the Company will follow strict storage and disclosure procedures meaning you might occasionally be asked to provide proof of identity before disclosing such information.

The right to rectify errors

  1. If any of your processed Personal Information is inaccurate you have the right to instruct the company to corrections.
  2. The Company may ask you to provide evidence to confirm that the Personal Information is incorrect if the Company believes that the Personal Information is incorrect.

The right to erase Personal Information

  1. You have the right to ask the Company to erase your Personal Information in certain circumstances:
    • If the Personal Information is no longer needed in regards to the reason for which it was collected or processed in the first place.
    • If you revoke your consent for the collection and processing of your Personal Information.
    • If you are opposed to the processing and there is no overriding valid interest for the continuation of processing.
    • If the Personal Information was processed or obtained illicitly.
    • If the Personal Information needs to be erased for legal obligation compliance.
    • If the Personal Information is processed in regards to the offer of information and services to a child.