How to Get High Quality Backlinks in 2021?

Building backlinks (external links) from other websites to your website is still one of the most powerful ways to boost search engine rankings or overall SEO strategy. Backlinks are also called inbound links or incoming links.

However, not all types of backlinks are estimated equally.

How do you measure backlinks? What is a good amount of backlinks? How do I value backlinks for my website? What is an example of a backlink?

Google or other platforms evaluate a website, they analyze its content, backlink profile, and architecture.

Google categorize’s backlinks into three parts:


  • low-quality, 
  • medium-quality,
  • high-quality.


Moreover, I will do a more detailed review of high-quality backlinks.

If you’re not sure what high-quality backlinks are, why they’re important for search rankings, or how to create them, read on. ✔️

What are high quality backlinks and what are their benefits?

High quality backlinks are links that help get your site to the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). High quality backlinks guide page visitors to related websites with high credibility, organic traffic, and high-quality content by using keywords as anchor text for the link.

Before giving the HQ title to a backlink, Google considers a number of factors to determine its authenticity and quality.


The relevance of a backlink is a key factor in determining its quality. The goal of search engines is to provide users with relevant content. A relevant backlink is something that is placed on a site/page that discusses the same topic as yours or is in the same niche.

If a backlink doesn’t seem right, it’s definitely not worth it. Anything else would fall into line if you prioritize relevance.


Backlinks should ideally be unique. Build unique links that are important to the articles in which they appear to ensure that the backlink technique is successful and profitable.

Relevant links from authority-relevant sites that only talk about your website and not your competitors may be considered perfect link opportunities.



It’s important to put your link in a convenient position on the web so that visitors can click it and visit your site. The link’s original purpose is lost when a link is not clicked.


A link in a prominent location on a frequently visited page is considered high quality. Because it can offer the website a constant stream of targeted traffic regardless of rankings.

How to get high quality backlinks?

Knowing how restrictive Google’s algorithm is when it comes to large connection masses, it’s important to build a reliable and safe strategy for obtaining high-quality backlinks.


 This is the part when quality comes before quantity. Here are some effective ways how to earn/get high quality backlinks:

Knowing how restrictive Google’s algorithm is when it comes to large connection masses, it’s important to build a reliable and safe strategy for obtaining high-quality backlinks.

This is the part when quality comes before quantity. Here are some effective ways how to earn/get high quality backlinks:

Creating high-quality content is the best way to build links because it naturally attracts links. Users must find the content to be of good quality, important, and useful in order to share a connection to it.

So, what motivates people to share your content? 🤔

It’s easy peasy, just create high-quality content, and viola there’s no other way around.😎

And how do you create content that attracts links naturally?

You have to do everything in the right way.

As long as you’re ready to put in the work, there is no chance that you can fail.

It is, however, absolutely possible to build a backlink profile that can help you boost your rankings and have a long-term, beneficial influence on your search visibility using the strategies listed below.

You must:

First of all, start thinking about what your twist will be. How will you apply the idea?

The trick is to figure out the main idea of what you are trying to create and then give it a spin.

To come up with a great topic you should use a tool that will help you.

For example, we at Backlinker use Ahrefs (we use Ahref for keyword research and another tool called Content explorer where we just enter a topic and give you a list of highly popular blog sites posts related to that topic and the target keyword).

Create detailed content:

Google favors content that is helpful and informative. 

The content should have three parts: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Create strong content that clearly describes the main points of the topic.


Literally, try to cover all the information’s about the topic you’re writing about.


Update frequently:

Update your blog posts, which is the final phase in the content process for creating high-quality content that attracts backlinks from other blogs. Pay close attention to the best-performing blog posts, do keyword research, and update the content with the latest information.


What is the reason for this❓? Because old content brings a lot more traffic to your website.

Competitor/competition research

Competition is strong no matter what industry or niche your business is in. So you should do competitor backlink research. For each competitor backlink, try to understand how your competitor got that link.


First, head over to Google and look at the top search results for the keywords you’re looking for. Also, you can check that direct from Keywords explorer.
I’ll take as an example the keyword “How to get high quality backlinks”.

Add their domain to Ahrefs. There is a tool called Site Explorer.


Check their backlinks after you’ve accessed their website. I took Backlinko as an example.


After that look for the most important, high-quality links that you think you’d be interested in.


Building relationships with media and bloggers (getting interviewed)


There’s a great way to increase your visibility, build your personal brand, and get high-quality backlinks to your website.


What is the way, exactly? 😕


Getting interviewed by bloggers, reporters.

Many bloggers (including experts) often post interviews with other bloggers in their industries. 


How to get interviewed by bloggers in order to get high quality backlinks?


Reaching out to someone is one of the easiest ways to get interviewed.

When you don’t have a strong personal brand but have amazing content or results on your blog, you should reach out to other bloggers to be interviewed.

Meanwhile, when answering the interview questions, make sure to link to any of your blog posts. This will allow you to create several links at the same time.

Also, being published in the news offers good visibility for the business and it will immediately increase your business’s publicity and visibility.

In addition, media websites usually have high domain authority, meaning that they have high-quality backlinks. But one thing you have to remember is to watch out for scammy websites, black hat SEO, etc.

If you’ve never heard of HARO, you’re likely losing out on some fantastic chances to earn media links.

Build an authoritative link with HARO. Haro is a sourcing tool that links journalists and blogs with relevant expert sources in order to reach journalists’ strict deadlines and provide brands the opportunity to share their stories.

Here’s how it works:


  • Your sign up for HARO
  • You’ll receive emails per day from reporters searching for sources.
  • Respond with helpful content ( You should make an effort to be as precise as possible, and only respond to topics and requests on which you are an expert).


You won’t be good with every request, but if you pick your responses carefully, it can be a perfect way to create great links.

Do an original research


Another perfect way to build high quality backlinks is to do an original study.


You are a valuable resource if you have information that no one else on the Internet does.


Also, if other writers or content creators wish to cite your research, they must have a link to the source.


This means that you’ll get a backlink. Hooray😊

Broken Links


Broken links are links that lead to pages that no longer exist.


A broken link-building strategy is all about finding broken links on other sites. And emailing the site owners to ask them to repair the broken links and replace them with their own.


So, how can you find broken links on other websites?


  • Once you found the broken links, reach out to the corresponding blogger and let him know about them.
  • Share related links from your site that the owner of the site might use to replace the broken ones. 


Boom! You’ve earned yourself a high quality backlink.


Quick Note: You can send emails to up to 10 people per day to get backlinks. But not all bloggers will agree to give you a link. Every 10 emails you send to other bloggers, you can expect a link or two.

Social Signals


When people link to (share) your website on a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Reddit, you get social signals.


To determine how active and updated the website is search engines use social signals.


The more high-quality social signals you have the better it will be for your site’s rankings on google search.

Choose one or two social platforms. And try to post at least once a day on those platforms. Also, double-check that all of the details on your social profiles match the information on the website.


Social signals provide social proof for your link-building campaigns, are an important part of every ranking project, and are a fantastic free backlink source.

Guest Posting


When you write a guest blog post for another website, the website can link back to your own blog from your guest post. This is called the cross-linking strategy: guest post – host post- guest post (3-way backlink exchange). – when you arrange the backlinks if possible to give a backlink to one website, but receive a backlink back from another, and post the guest post on a 3rd website. This ensures that any guest post you write earns you backlinks automatically.


Guest posting has its own set of benefits, including:


  • The ability to create important and high-quality links
  • You’ll have the opportunity to connect with other bloggers.
  • Your email list can be quickly built and expanded.
  • By linking from your guest posts, you can easily send traffic to your home page or any other relevant pages on your blog.


So make a point to write at least two guest posts for top bloggers per month. And you’ll get a high domain authority and probably see a significant increase in traffic from search engines within a year.

Publish more lists of content structure


List posts make your website searchable and easy to read, allowing your readers to easily determine whether or not your article is useful and worth sharing.


It’s also a good idea to have a table of contents, particularly if you’re writing long articles.


I will take as an example one of the Sales Rocks blogs that has a table of contents.




Infographics are a popular way to drive traffic to your website while still gaining valuable backlinks.


Not only provide easy-to-understand information, but they are also frequently shared on social media and linked to other bloggers.


Humans are visual beings, after all. In reality, content that includes related images receives more views than content that does not.


You don’t need to be a professional designer. There are online tools like Visme with which you can create infographics in minutes. ( Build backlinks with infographics. Infographics are one of the most popular link-building methods.)


Here is an example of how do infographics look: Source




When it comes to gaining links to your website, listicles are a great way to get your products or services in front of your target audience while still earning links.


Listicles are popular on the internet because they take little effort to read.


Overly long content will scare readers off right away. 


To be included on any listicles, you must contact a writer or author to explain why you are a better candidate for selection than anyone already on the list.

Email Outreach


Email outreach is the process of contacting other people by email.📧


Usually, the goal is to promote a piece of content, request a backlink, or create a relationship or partnership with an influencer.


Whenever you mention a tool or a blog in your article, email the owner to let them know that you mentioned them in your article.



High quality backlinks are important for SEO and for the growth of your website.

Getting High quality backlinks can sometimes be challenging, but no worries you can easily find link-building opportunities by using the right sources and techniques.

Building high quality backlinks also help to build relationships with others in your field with whom you can exchange new information.

Websites with valuable content and high quality backlinks should expect to appear at the top of Google’s search results. Low-quality content won’t help your link building efforts. If a site doesn’t have a lot of backlinks or only gets visitors from low-quality sites, it means it has a poor backlink profile that needs to be improved. Your business should be working with popular sites. In that case, you’ll get links from sites with enviable levels of traffic and authority.

High-quality link-building is one of the most effective ways to increase targeted traffic and improve rankings. Creating quality content is worth mentioning when it comes to getting backlinks from authority sites.

There is no such thing as an elevator to success. You have to put in the hard work.

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